The Cailin Advantage

The Cailin Advantage


bullet Supply Chain Management
Cailin will inventory finished parts at the customers’ facilities if requested and then invoice in accordance with the customer's actual usage.  Cailin can also direct ship from its own facility using customer supplied documentation. This offers the customers the advantage of lower per unit cost as a result of increased economies of scale but with the advantage of effectively purchasing on a single unit basis.

bullet Single Source Supplier
Cailin provides one-stop sourcing for turn-key parts manufacture. Many parts incorporate multiple and diverse manufacturing processes.  For this reason many parts we produce could simply never be manufactured in a single location by virtue of the range of operations specified on the customers’ prints – Cailin eliminates this burden for the customer allowing them focus on higher level assembly tasks.

bullet Service
Cailin’s service is second to none.  Our flexibility to change production schedules is firmly grounded in the realization that it is the customer’s needs, be they planned or unforeseen, that must dictate our production priorities.  We understand that the customer’s need to service their customer with a seldom but not in stock part is equally important to the item that moves everyday.

bullet Cost Reduction
Cailin holds the line month after month, year after year while confronted with increasing costs from raw materials and energy. Throughout the unprecedented run up in red and ferrous metal prices since 2008 Cailin has held firm on the cost of 94% of the items we supply. We achieve this by continually innovating and then producing in accordance with identified commonalities of manufacturing processes.

bullet Quality 
This must be a given. As engineers we realize the critical importance of consistency in conformance. Quality Assurance is a profit center not an expense. Higher yield is higher profit. Many parts we ship are 100% inspected and documented – some at the customers’ request, many not. Many parts are shipped with results noted on the parts themselves.