Welcome to Cailin Development

Cailin Development
was founded in Aug 1996. A national OEM heavy construction equipment manufacturer was looking dispose of certain obsolete inventory being carried at full book value.  It was agreed to manufacture boom pins in trade for this inventory at its full book value and part cash payment – and so Cailin was born.

We continue to strive to understand our customers ever changing business needs and provide not only the best value conforming parts but in a manner that is as innovative as the customer may require.

We invest in our customer's success directly by investing dollars in finished inventory ready to ship when needed – planned or unforeseen.  The cost of carrying inventory is inconsequential when the customer’s plant is inoperable.

Today we supply over 350 different parts ranging from 1 oz washers to 500 lb housings. The more numerous the processes required in the manufacture the greater service we can provide.